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Kalptaru ?

What you perceive as “pressure” will become “pleasure” for you, with the roles of three factors at play –

“Parent, KALPTARU & Students”

1. Parent : i) Be connected with KALPTARU. ii) Ensure continuous interaction with your ward.

2.KALPTARU : At KALPTARU, we have the three M’s essential for your journey – regular Monitoring, Mentoring, and the best Methodology.

3.Students : The most crucial role is undeniably that of the student. You will have to move beyond the mantra of doing ‘today’s work today’ and do tomorrow’s work today instead – that is, pre-reading. Secondly, keep analyzing your work to improve upon your mistakes.

Remember, your sincere effort is the only real motivation for you!

मेहनत हि असली Motivation है


  • KALPTARU means a tree of heaven. It is a wish fulfilling divine tree. With the blessing of this tree all your wishes backed by strong will, efforts and commitment will come true. We at KALPTARU believe that any aspirant who is determined to crack the JEE & NEET exam with good rank can achieve his/her wish, under strong guidance and coaching of our JEE & NEET program.

Systematic Course Planning

  • Proper time management to complete JEE / NEET exam on time to avoid last time pressure during exam.
  • Tests on daily basis regarding concepts taught along with regular, periodic and special tests to track the student’s performance.
  • Updated study materials to match with the evolving examinations patterns to keep our students ahead in the race.
  • Pre-planned regular sessions after providing ample time to students for practice and clear their doubts.

Regular Monitoring System

  • The interactive session between the teachers and the student build a good understanding that helps them in their individual performance and preparation.
  • Small batch sizes so that no student is left unattended.


  • Analysis and communication of academic performance with the parents and the students to provide assessment updates about their preparation done by Director Academics only.


  • Fully updated technology and infrastructure to enhance the productivity and good quality of education. Teaching on IFT Panel and 3D graphical techniques (Only Institute in Nagpur to do so)





An introduction of KALPTARU System to Parents & Students

  • Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about KALPTARU as a system, as a community, as a family, and as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality. The conclusion of the session ensures that the parents are well aware of the KALPTARU System and that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life.



Eager To Set Benchmarks, From First Bench to Last

  • The sessions in classrooms begin with meditation that impart essential values and will to the students for making the best use of their skill. Our batch size of 40 students help us to connect to each and every student personally.
  • Our air-conditioned classrooms are enabled with a world-class public address system and unique document viewer 3D camera system. Advanced teaching is done with the help of multimedia and animations.



Genius is Mastery of Doubts; not Absence of Doubts!

  • Teachers clarify the concepts and remove the doubts of students in one-to-one interaction with the students. The success of students depends much on how their doubts are removed and clarifiedKALPTARU stands proud of is extensive, well-planned, and student – satisfying doubt removal sessions.
  • Clearing Doubts is the assets of KALPTARU. Before leaving our premises, leave your doubts with us and move out with clarity



Examine your Weakness, Enhance your Knowledge, Excel in Results

Periodic tests are taken at regular intervals to give ample practice to the students, so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions, within the defined time frame. We also provide:

  • Multidimensional Performance Analysis
  • Result Processing and Displays
  • Support for communication of results to parents & students
  • Faculty Feedback System
  • CBT – Computer Based Test



Discuss your Performance Get the tips, Prepare to Compete

  • At KALPTARU, PMM stands for Parents Mentor Meeting. We hold PMM session during the year where the mentors discuss the progress and performance of students with their parents and guardians.


  • Out strong infrastructure goes a long way in improving the performance and result of the student. Every classroom is properly designed with a IFT Panel for teaching, 3 D projector for models, sitting arrangement, proper cooling system, and appropriate lighting for a better environment of the students. For security concerns, every classroom is equipped with CCTV cameras.


  • 6 Hrs intensive daily schedule
  • 10 Hrs full day program
  • Synchronised & Comprehensive coverage of board syllabus
  • Daily assessments of subject on concept taught
  • Paper practice sessions
  • Weekly assessments
  • Meditation sessions for concentration

Concept Development

  • A focused batch of only 40 students with an integrated 6 Hrs / 10 Hrs of study program in a composed manner.
    • Meticulous lecture: A systematic planned 90 minutes lecture crafted to meet the level of national entrance examination (JEE / NEET) is delivered by our experienced faculty.
    • Revision sessions: Topic wise revision of every subject and planned revision pattern helps the student revise effectively.
    • Doubt clearing sessions: Daily doubt clearing session for better clarity of subject.

Resourceful Study Material

  • Topic wise subject module: KALPTARU provide chapter wise instructional study material in confirmative of the JEE / NEET syllabus. We provide separate test containing conceptualized questions which help the student conjure up all the possible problems to be faced.
  • Level wise exercise & solving system.

Astute Testing

  • Rigorous testing with schedule intervals helps the student. It gives them ample time for self-analyzing and improvement in their weaker section of studies/subjects.  
  • MINOR Test: Daily DPP’s which help to cover topic wise content that are currently taught.
  • MAJOR Test: These tests are conducted every quarter pattern as and when syllabus gets completed.
  • Board Pattern Test: Paper pattern is designed accordingly to meet the needs of NCERT syllabus and to secure good performance in boards exam.

Distinctive Features

  • Meditation session to enhance concentration, creative nature and aesthetic idea and value in students.
  • Dedicated faculty
  • Super ‘40’: A limited batch size of only 40 students will help to give personalized attention to every student.
  • Worksheet on NTSC, KVPY and Olympiad.
  • Practical sessions / laboratory sessions.
  • The ‘3M’ program: Monitoring – Mentoring – Methodology

Why Kalptaru ?

Course Features

Best Industry Leaders

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Learn At Your Own Pace

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Professional Certification

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